Apply for a workshop

Please use this form to apply for a workshop. Your application is emailed to Teabreak Knitter and not stored on this website.

Teabreak Knitter will contact you using the email address you provide below.


By applying for this workshop you agree to:

  • Make every effort to take part in the workshop activities;
  • Show respect to others in the workshop;
  • Allow others in the workshop to see your email address;
  • Allow Teabreak Knitter to store your contact information for purposes of running the workshop;
  • Acknowledge that the workshop and associated materials are in English;
  • Tell Teabreak Knitter if you will no longer be able to take part.


To apply for a workshop, fill in the form using the drop-down menu to choose the workshop you are applying for. You may only apply for one workshop at a time.

Applicants may be from anywhere in the world. The application asks for a major city near to you so that Teabreak Knitter can see which time zone you are in.

Apply for a workshop
Name of the workshop that you are applying to join.

After you successfully submit your form you will see a confirmation message above the form (you may need to scroll up). You should also receive an email from Teabreak Knitter. The form will be cleared ready for you to apply for another workshop.