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Knitting chart showing a symmetrical pattern with the video title superimposed.

Using symmetry to avoid mistakes (T201911)

The underlined headings below are links that take you to that section in the YouTube video for this tutorial. Introduction Hello. I'm Steve, also known as Teabreak Knitter on social media. In this T-torial I want to tell you how I use the ideas of symmetry to help me spot ...
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Stitches that will be used for a steek

Casting on for steeks (T201909)

Steeks allow you to knit in the round even when the finished item may not be continuous (for example a cardigan, or any garment with armholes). This t-torial suggests one way of casting-on the extra stitches for a steek that takes account of how the steek will be reinforced ...
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K2tog on right hand side of fabric

Decreases in colour work (T201910)

How you work your decreases makes a difference to the appearance of your colour work ...
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Floats on back of knitted rectangle

Catching floats in stranded knitting (T201907)

You may want to avoid long floats when there are several stitches of the same colour together in a stranded knitting project . This t-torial explains one way of doing this by catching (or trapping) the floats ...
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Holding yarn with both hands

Holding yarn for stranded knitting (T201906)

This t-torial suggests several ways of holding the yarn when using two colours for stranded knitting ...
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Cast-on edge showing groups of stitches marked with marker stitches.

Marker thread for cast-on and joining in the round (T201904)

Show notes for the marker thread for cast-on and joining in the round tutorial ...
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Pass the needle through the loop belos the cross

Twisted knit half-hitch cast-on (T201903)

Show notes for the twisted knit half-hitch cast-on tutorial ...
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Basic stranded cast-off

Basic stranded cast-off (T201902)

Show notes for the basic stranded cast-off tutorial ...
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Basic straned cast-n being shown

Basic stranded cast-on (T201901)

Show notes for the Basic Stranded Cast-on Tutorial ...
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Making a t-card (T201801)

Making a t-card is as simple or as difficult as you want. This t-torial guides you through the process ...
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