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Teabreak Knitter wearing his Nahanni River vest.

Finishing the Nahanni River (P202002)

This is the fifth and final podcast in a series about how I knit the ...
Front of Nahanni River project showing neck steek.

Up to the armholes in the Nahanni River (P202001)

This is the fourth podcast in a series that shows how I am knitting the ...
Cartridge rib and start of pattern for the Nahanni River vest.

Starting to knit the Nahanni river (P201903)

This is my third podcast in a series that shows how I knit my Nahanni ...
Back of the gauge swatch for Nahanni River

Casting on the Nahanni River (P201902)

This is the second in a series of podcasts on how I knit my Nahanni ...


T-reference is a collection of articles to help you build your knitting skills. Use T-reference if you want to learn a new technique, or how to plan a project.

You can search the T-reference page to find a topic. However, you can get a flavour of what is on offer by looking at one of the latest posts shown here.

Tubular cast on for 2×2 rib

Also known as: Stretchy cast-on for 2x2 rib ...

Recognising how a fabric was made

Have you seen a fabric that you like? You can use your skills in reading your knitting to help you ...

It’s more than your eyes

Reading your knitting involves more than your eyes. Touch is a very useful sense that lets you know when things ...


T-torials are bite-sized hints and tips on knitting techniques prepared by Teabreak Knitter. They have a transcript of the video and links to other useful resources on the topic.

Knitting chart with yarn colour represented by a coloured box. This is shown against a knitted cable background with the title of the T-Torial: Reading COloour Charts (T201908) by TeabreakKnitter.

Reading charts for colour knitting (T201908)

Updated May 2020 Charts are often used to provide instructions on how to create intarsia ...
Title image. Public and private side of grey and white vertical stripe rib next to each other.

Vertical stripe rib (T201905)

Vertical stripe rib is a form of stranded knitting. It is often used for the ...
Title screen for T202004 - Cutting a steek. Shows a steek with an even number of stitches being cut with a pair of scissors.

Cutting a steek (T202004)

A steek is an area of knitted fabric that is designed to be cut. This ...
Title for T202001 - Reinforcig a steek with crochet. Shows a steek with an even number of stitches after having been reinforced with crochet chains.

Reinforcing a steek with crochet (T202001)

Steeks are used when knitting in the round to allow arm holes, cardigan openings and ...