Lake Bled (C201804)

Take one lake that you can walk around, surround it by mountains, drop a castle on a hill, place an island off centre in the lake, carefully balance a church on the island – and you get Lake Bled in Slovenia.

This idyllic spot rightly draws tourists from around the world. The restaurants around the lake and in the town of Bled take caring for the natural environment seriously – ask your server for water and you will be told politely that “we serve tap water, not mineral water” – a familiar mantra to those who have enjoyed the hospitality of other eateries in Slovenia.

How will you add yarn to this e-card? Is it the white of the church or the blue of the water that draws you? Perhaps there are not enough leaves framing the picture, or the mountains could be more moody. It’s up to you!

Download the t-card that is published under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 licence.

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