Vertical stripe ribbing

Also known as: Stranded Ribbing, Cartridge Rib, Corrugated Rib, Two-colour Basque

Vertical stripe rib - outside
Vertical stripe ribbing – seen from outside.
Vertical stripe ribbing - inside
Vertical stripe ribbing – seen from inside.


Ribbing takes on a different characteristic when vertical stripes of clour are used. It still prevents curling, but instead of ridges and troughs, the strands of yarn carried behind the purled columns stop these columns folding behind the level of the knitted columns. Although it does not stretch in the same way as a single colour rib, it retains its property of not rolling vertically, making it suitable as top or bottom border for an area of stocking stitch.

Vertical stripe ribbing is often used in Fair Isle designs.

How to do it

Vertical stripe ribbing is a combination of standard ribbing with stranded colour work. Use one colour yarn for the knit columns and a contrasting yarn for the purl stitches. The “knit” yarn is always held behind the kintting. The yarn used for the purl stitches is carried behind the work for the knit stitches, brought forward for the purl stitches, and then returned to the back of the work for the next knit stitch.

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