Basic stranded cast-off

Also known as: Basic stranded bind-off.

Basic stranded cast-off
Basic stranded cast-off – a stretchy cast-off.


The basic stranded cast-off is simple to perform and very stretchy, but is unattractive. It is mainly used for casting-off when the stitches are to be gathered, such as at the crown of a hat, or to cast-off a gauge swatch.

How to do it

In the photographs for this tutorial, the working yarn being used for the cast-off has been emphasized by adding a darker coloured yarn. Although two strands (dark and light) are seen in the cast-off edge in the photos, a real cast-off will only have one strand of yarn (the working yarn).

Break off the working yarn leaving a length of at least the fully-stretched width of the fabric, with extra for sewing in the end. Thread this working yarn onto an embroidery needle.

Move stitches purl-wise onto the embroidery needle from the knitting needle, working one or two stitches at a time.

Push the stitches down onto the working yarn .

Continue until you have moved all the stitches onto the working yarn.

You can now pull the working yarn to make the cast-off edge as tight or loose as you need.

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