Basic stranded cast-off (T201902)

Show notes for the basic stranded cast-off tutorial

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In this video I will show you how to cast off using the basic stranded cast-off. Although this cast-off creates a very stretchy edge, it is unattractive. It is often used in hats for gathering up the stitches around the crown. It is also great for a gauge swatch.

Cast off

You will need an embroidery needle to make this cast-off. Break off the working yarn at the length of the fully-stretched fabric, with extra for sewing in the end. Now thread this onto the needle. I am using a darker yarn as well as the working yarn so that you can see more clearly.

Pick up the stitches purl-wise one or two at a time from the left hand needle. Then pass them along the embroidery needle to the working yarn. Work your way across the stitches until the knitting needle is empty.

You can now pull the working yarn through the loops – if you pull too tight, you can pull it loose again.

Why the cast-off is so stretchy

You can see the working yarn passing through the loops in a straight line (the dark yarn makes this easier to see).

You may be able to see the yarn moving through the loops as I pull it from either end.

If I pull out the dark yarn, leaving the working yarn behind, you can see how the cast-off normally looks. This cast-off is very stretchy.


I have shown you the basic stranded cast-off. It is great for gathering stitches and for gauge swatches.

Thank you for watching. Happy knitting!


You can see a pictorial tutorial for the basic stranded cast-on in the T-Reference section of this website