Delivering a workshop by video conferencing -pilot

This workshop is designed for experienced trainers who want to use video conferencing as a tool for delivering workshops.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • identify how delivering a workshop online may differ from delivering it face to face,
  • plan the structure of their online workshop,
  • identify how they will use their cameras and video conferencing software, and
  • plan what supporting materials and props they will need.

This is an online interactive workshop with an interactive group teleconferencing sessions (using Zoom) supported by a downloadable handout.

This workshop is free.

Register for the workshop

This workshop was held on 11 June 2020. Registration is no longer possible.

Workshop contents

This workshop will consist of discussions between the workshop leader and the participants covering:

  • Planning for your workshop
  • Planing your virtual workspace
  • Running the workshop
  • Summary and actions.

Skills you will need before you take part in the workshop

In order to benefit most from the workshop and not hold back other participants, you will need to have:

  • Already run a face to face workshop;
  • Familiarised yourself with using Zoom as a participant in a meeting.


This workshop is delivered remotely, so you will need some technology to help you:

  • a computer, smartphone or tablet;
  • an internet connection capable of streaming video;
  • the Zoom application.

What you need to do before the workshop

Before the workshop you will need to:

  • gather the materials specified in the joining instructions,
  • familiarise yourself with using Zoom;
  • undertake a short activity specified in the joining instructions.

You will be sent the joining instructions when your application has been accepted.

Workshop events

The activities and events associated with this workshop are listed below.

Notebook under knitted work in progress, mobile phone and a pencil.

Delivering a workshop by video conference – homework

Date: Complete before the workshop on 11 June 2020. Unit contents: Use Zoom as a participant. Reflect on workshops you have given. Gather materials. Duration: 10 minutes for reflection ...
Light bulb on left and three circles: the nearest to the bulb is white, the next mid grey and the last dark grey. Below are two images showing the impact on exposure of holding a white sheet of paper near and away from the light source.

Delivering workshops by video conference – online workshop notes

Date: 11 June 2020. Time 14:00 UTC (15:00 UK time, 10:00 EDT)). Unit contents: Introductions and welcome. Planning for your workshop. Planning your virtual workspace. Running the workshop. Summary and actions Duration: 90 minutes ...