Introduction to stranded colour work tutorial – Activity 10

Activity 10: Reinforce steeks

You should have completed Activity 9: Bind-off and join shoulders.

Instructions for this activity are on page 20 of the handout.

Use the crochet method of reinforcing steeks that you learned in activity 5. Reinforce the steeks at the front and the two armholes.

You are ready for the next activity

The waistcoat for the Introduction to stranded knitting tutorial after the steeks have been reinforced using crochet reinforcement. The front steek has been reinforced with crochet cotton, the armhole steeks with sewing thread, showing that the type of thread used is not important.

Your work should look something like the photograph.

You are ready to move to the next activity: Activity 11: Pick up stitches for the armhole and button band.

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