Introduction to stranded colour work tutorial – Activity 9

Activity 9: Bind-off and join shoulders

You should have completed Activity 8: complete the main body of the waistcoat.

In this activity, you will join your work at the shoulders, leaving the neck open. Instructions for this activity are on page 19 of the handout.

Bind off for the shoulders

If you are unsure how to bind-off, see the video on “bind-off/cast-off” in the “Additional links” section.

Using the background colour yarn, bind using the instructions in the handout. You have six live stitches in the centre of the back that you should slip onto spare yarn. You will knit these again when you add the neckband.

The instructions tell you where to place markers during the bind off. These markers will help you when you join the shoulders.

Join the shoulders

When you join the shoulders, you do not join the steek stitches. If you are unsure how to join the shoulders, see the video on joining bind-off to bind-off edges that is listed in the “Useful links” section.

You are ready for the next activity

The waistcoat for the Introduction to stranded knitting tutorial after the top has been bound off, stitches for the back neck have been placed on spare yarn, and the shoulders joined.

Your work should look something like the photograph.

You are ready to move to the next activity: Activity 10: Reinforce steeks.

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